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Vastushastra solutions for Wellbeing

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture and design that focuses on principles of design, layout, space planning and spatial geometry to create harmonious living spaces that promote health, wealth, happiness and prosperity by dealing with the directions and sub directions. It can be applied to homes, offices, businesses, and other built environments.If a building is constructed in accordance with these principles,it can have a positive impact on the people who live or work in it.While vastu shastra has been practised for thousands of years in india, it has gained popularity in recent years as a way to create more harmonious and peaceful living and environment.


What’s Our Resources Story

Energise vastu is founded by Utkarsh Tare(B.E. Civil) and Rishikesh Shinde(B.E. Civil, M.Sc. CPM). We are Pune based vastu consultants providing vastu shastra services all over India for Residential, Commercial and Industrial spaces. We offer a wide range of services, including Vastushastra consultation, Vastu compliant design, and implementation, to help our clients create/select homes and buildings that are in alignment with the laws of nature and the universe.We believe that by following the vastu principles a property can enhance the well-being and prosperity of its occupants. Many civil engineers/architects now incorporate vastu principles into their work, but it's difficult to get or design a fully vastu compliant property naturally, therefore there are various techniques and treatments which can be used to make a property fully vastu compliant.

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Our services

Help choosing vastu compliant flat/house

We help you to choose new flat/house/plot according to Vastushastra.

Help designing your new space according to vastu

We help you to design your new property according to Vastushastra.

Energise your current flat/house/plot

We help energise your current flat/house/plot as per Vastushastra.

Help planning commercial & industrial spaces

We help you to design you commercial & industrial spaces as per Vastushastra.

Vastushastra treatment with precision

We help you to energise you property with precise measurements.

Affordable cost of professional Consultation

We provide you Vastu consultations in affordable prices.


How We Work

Our team of experts has a deep understanding of this complex and holistic system, which incorporates principles of balance,harmony and cosmic energy to create living spaces that promote health,prosperity and wellbeing.

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    Actual site visit to the property

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    Making a drawing with true measurements of the property

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    Providing a vastu compliant and rectified drawing of the property to the client

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    We provide a detail report of all the rectification and modifications which will be done to your property

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    We will make sure and give remedies which require less/no civil changes


What Our Clients Say

Energise Vastu provides consultation and solutions according to Vastushastra which has helped us to re-energise our house.

Chinmay Sutar
Software Engineer

Energise Vastu has helped us design homes according to Vastushastra in our various projectsand has got positive impacts for our customers.

Zahid Shaikh
Skyline Infra

Vastu treatment has helped us very much in our commercial projects with the help of Energise Vastu team.

Kartik Walhekar
Kartik Developers
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